Auto Trim Removal Kit

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Get This All-In-One Handy Tool Kit For All Your Auto Trimming Needs.

Need help removing or installing your car’s stereo system? Or maybe you’re removing your door panels? Moldings? Window Trims? Or some other automotive accessory. 

When you go to the automotive shop, they usually charge you for their services. And maybe they need a few days for fixing.

In the comfort of your own garage, you can do the modifications by yourself and save both time and money. 

Why do you need an Auto Trim Removal Tool Kit?

This tool kit can remove doors, bike tires, dashboards, etc. smoothly and without damaging your car. 

You can easily use the equipment for removing your car’s audio device, moldings, panels, clips, emblems, window trim, and more. 

It’s the perfect tool for any exterior or interior accessory removal.

Why buy our Auto Trim Removal Tool Kit?

This professional-level kit consists of 40 pcs of tools that are enough to meet your different trimming needs. 

All pieces are made of premium grade plastic materials that are wear-resistant, impact-resistant, and strong enough to disassemble all kinds of panels.

The ergonomic and super lightweight design allows you to easily disassemble the car interiors with the hand-held tool, saving time and energy.

Equipped with a storage bag made of high-quality cloth. The portable design makes it convenient to carry the tools and can be stored neatly and without taking too much space.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs):

Question: Are these tools better than screwdriver in prying?
Answer: Yes, these trim removal kits are safer to pry-open your exteriors and interiors, these kits prevent any scratches and damages that a metal screwdriver can cause because of its hardness and shape.

Question: What is the usage of each tool?
Answer: Each tool has different special usage, for exterior and interior, car stereo and others.

  • Trim Removal Tools - Used for installing and removing car stereo, door and window trim, moldings, panels, emblems, interior, and exterior car trims.
  • Stereo Removal Tools – Car audio/stereo head unit removal.
  • 2 in 1 Clip Plier - suitable for many types of round and square clips, fasteners and plastic rivets
  • Fastener Removal Tool - removing various stubborn fasteners or nails without causing damage.
  • U-shape Radio Removal Tool - pull out your radio from the panel for a quick extraction.
  • Precision Pick and Hook Set - Ideal for assembly, repair, or removal of small parts and rubber seal.
  • Wire Terminal Removal Tool - add a new wire and maintain the factory original harness and plug in your own electronic device without any damage.
  • Wire Threader – Allows you to wear the line quickly and accurately.
  • Sticker Scraper – Removes films and stickers easily.

💡 Tip: To prolong the life of these tools, do not store in direct sunlight.

🔎 Specification:

  • Materials: POM plastic, Metal
  • Quantity: 40 pieces

📦 Package Inclusion:
1 x Auto Trim Removal Kit

This tool kit is very handy for removing the auto body trim and molding.

By using these tools you can reduce your frustration while saving time and money.