French Fry Cutter

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Remove The Cutting Process!

"Finally a great French Fry Cutter. Just on time saved alone, this is a must-buy. The angle of the handle helps with leverage and the suction cup keeps it solid and unmoving. Love that it comes with 2 blades, I always use the 3/8". Made some fries for my kids, and they loved it, highly recommend this! - Maya Kim

Why Buy Our French Fry Cutter?

✅CUTS: Cut out your prep time by a significant margin with our French Fry Cutter! It gives you the ability to cut your potatoes into thick ½” or thin ⅜” pieces. Immediately begin cooking and make your cooking experience a lot more enjoyable!

✅VERSATILE: Not only does it cut potatoes but it also works for vegetables such as carrots, onions, etc… Now you can cut down your prep time to not only making french fries but most general recipes.


✅QUALITY: Made of stainless steel and requires little to no maintenance. It is incredibly easy to clean despite its complicated look and it has suction cup feet to maintain your grip and leverage.

❗ Reminder ❗

  • The blades are incredibly sharp, be careful when cutting.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does it work for sweet potatoes?

A: Yes, it works on sweet potatoes.

Q: Does it work for other vegetables?

A: Absolutely, it can cut carrots, daikon, onions, etc…