100 LBS Garage Storage Hooks

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Get An Organized & Clutter-Free Garage!

“These are very sturdy and hold a lot of weight. We installed them in our garage to hold heavy ladders, among other things. They work great, and the cushion around them helps to keep things from sliding on slippery metal. I love them!” - Camille Martin

Why Buy Our 100 LBS Garage Storage Hooks?

VERSATILE: These hooks come in 4 PCS and are ideal for storage & organizing your garage, such as creating a rack on the wall to hang your kayaks, paddle boards, ladders, chairs, and more. It is also great for protecting them from any damage, scratch, or clutter, maintaining your garage clutter-free.

HEAVY DUTY: They are 15” long with a maximum load capacity of 100 LBS and have a 0.2” thick EVA protector to buffer the pressure from heavy items, ensuring a secure hold. 

WELL BUILT: The hooks are made of high-quality alloy steel and have coated surfaces for a durable, rust-resistant, and wear-resistant finish. It can be used on a daily basis without a problem.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I have to install this on studs or I can do it straight on the garage wall?

A: If you are going to hang heavy objects, it is always best screwed into studs. But there are anchor options you may check into depending on weight.

Q: Will they hold my 13FT regular canoe?

A: These hooks are heavy-duty and can securely hold a weight of up to 100 LBS. If the weight of your canoe isn’t more than 100 LBS, it can hold it.