12V Cordless Brushless Drill

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A Tool That Does It All!

Excellent for projects around the house. Super light and pack a lot of power in its small body. It charges fast and is easy to control the speed. Also, it looks great and is a quiet machine. Makes any drilling or screwing jobs easier!” - Drake O.

Why Buy Our 12V Cordless Brushless Drill?

POWERFUL: This tool can make your work much more efficient as it can switch between screwing and drilling with just a slide of a button. It is cordless, battery-powered, has dual modes, and can display up to 30 gears with a max torque of 30N.m and a max speed of 1,400RPM. Perfect for any screwing or drilling jobs of both DIYers and professionals

DUAL MODE: Features two modes, which are the custom mode and pulse mode. In the custom mode, the tool can switch between 1-30 gears of torque, meeting the needs of various devices. While in the pulse mode, the tool can reduce the damage to the material. It also has an HD LED display screen, making it convenient to work on various tasks. 

QUALITY DESIGN: The screwless design on the scratch and stain-resistant PC-ABS brings sleekness and minimalism into play. Its compact and lightweight design can reduce hand fatigue during work and is great for a one-hand operation. It is also cordless and is rechargeable by plugging it into a USB-C port

VERSATILE: It has a powerful lithium 2,000 mAh rechargeable battery that supports long battery life. Its durable brushless motor makes stable operation without causing sparks, balancing force, and efficiency. Fit for various use scenarios and everyday needs, such as home appliance repair, DIY, house maintenance, etc.


  • It is not suitable for heavy-duty work.
  • Its USB-C charging lets you charge it anytime with power bank or other USB-C port electronics. 
  • It can screw 550 screws after being fully charged.
  • Screwing Mode: 0-370 RPM
  • Drilling Mode: 0-1,400 RPM

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is this drill waterproof?

A: No

Q: Can you attach a hole saw to it?

A: Yes, our drill has the commonly used three-jaw chucks.

Q: Can this be used while being charged?

A: This drill is not suitable to be used while charging to ensure your safety. You need to wait for the charging to be completed or for the non-charging time to use it.