12V Electric Oil Pump

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Portable Oil Pump 

“Pump was really helpful in changing the oil in the engines on my boat. I was able to extract 3.25 quarts from each engine quickly and easily” - Claude F.

Why Buy This?

✅ Convenient: This is an easy-to-use portable electric oil pump. It is widely used to replace the oil in motorcycles, scooters, ships, quad bikes, trucks, ships, forklifts, power generation machinery, tractors, lawnmowers, and other machinery.

✅ Efficient: It has 80W or 12V of power; all you have to do is clamp the conductive clip on the motor and turn on the switch to start it, and you'll be able to complete the oil pumping task quickly and efficiently, effectively replacing the old oil change method and reducing tedious workload.

✅ Accessories: (1) output hose, (1) intake hose, (2) hose locks, and (2) battery clamps are all included with the oil pump. Before using, please check the direction of import and export, positive and negative poles, and the hose lock. Also, the micro-suction pump has a limited amount of suction power. No other extension tubes should be connected.

📝Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the diesel flow?

A: The diesel flow: 1.5L / m while the oil flow is 0.3L / m.

Q: How do I safely use this?

A: To avoid accidents, the oil pump must not be used to extract any flammable liquid or water other than engine oil and diesel. To avoid clogging the oil pump due to oil solidification, warm the car engine to 104°F-140°F (40°C-60°C) for about 15 minutes before use.

Q: How to use this?


  1. Clip the conductive clips to the positive and negative poles of the motor, respectively.
  2. Insert the oil suction pipe into the engine oil or diesel, and then turn on the switch.
  3. Oil enters the oil pump through the hose and then drains from slow to fast.

Note: The oil pump's power is limited. With the exception of the hose in the box, other hoses are not allowed since they will slow down the pumping speed.