2-In-1 Rotor Truing Fork Tool

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Get The Truing Tool For Your Disc Brake Rotor & Pads!

“The tool feels durable and sturdy. It is long enough to get the necessary torque on the rotor and offers 3 adjustment levels to remove the warping from the rotor at any depth. Its handle is comfortable, so it's easier to maintain your grip on the tool. It also has a quality pad spreader, that’s a bonus! I highly recommend this!” - Daryl T.

Why Buy Our 2-In-1 Rotor Truing Fork Tool?

DUAL FUNCTION: This tool is a combination of a pad and piston spreader with a rotor-truing wrench. It helps you to true your bent disc brake rotor and release wedged pads without damaging the brake calipers. It’s a convenient tool for easy repair and maintenance of your bike. 

EFFICIENT: Its fork features 3 different slots that can easily bend various rotors toward and away from the spokes. While the other end has a thin, angled, tapered edge, allowing you to squeeze it between jammed brake pads.

HIGH-QUALITY: The tool is made of hardened quality steel and equipped with an ergonomic non-slip rubber crank handle, making it durable, wear-resistant, and comfortable to use. Great for any beginner or professional biker and cyclist.


  • Do not use it for brake systems that utilize ceramic pistons.
  • Rotors can become warped from use, abuse, or simply by getting too hot. If your bike rotor bents, it will not rub on the brake pads. But as easily as they bend the wrong way, you can bend them right back into shape using our tool. 
  • If you have to take the wheel out to the store or transport your bike, you have to wedge something between the pads to reset them, but if you use an inappropriate tool, you can end up with damaged pads and marks on the caliper. But with this tool, it will make it effortless to do so. 

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is the opening wide enough for a 2.3mm rotor?

A: Yes 

Q: Can this be used for bottom-bracket sprockets?

A: This tool is engineered for use only on brake rotors and spreading the pads. Sprockets/chainrings are much stiffer than rotors. Damage to the tool may occur.