2-Inch Diamond Beveling Chamfer Bit

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Get A Smooth & Precise Hole Finish!

“When working with tile or stone, I have often wanted a bit that would smooth out the ragged edges that sometimes occur when drilling holes or making odd-shaped side cuts. This bit fits the bill and is easy to operate in my cordless drill. It's also great for putting a chamfer or countersink on an existing hole.” - Ace R.

Why Buy Our 2-Inch Diamond Beveling Chamfer Bit?

VERSATILE: This is designed to enlarge, trim, clean, and shape the existing holes in tile, granite, ceramic, and marble. It can also easily shape side indentation required for pipes or electric wires and works on most angle grinders with ⅝”-11 threads or electric drills with ⅜” hex shank

EFFICIENT: Our tile-friendly 2” bit can reduce the risk of cracking on standard or large format tiles that are under tension. With just our chamfer bit and one standard core bit, you can make many different hole sizes without the need to buy different drill bits, saving you time and money. 

PREMIUM QUALITY: The bit is made of heavy-coated premium diamond with vacuum-brazed technology that will provide a fast cut rate and ensures more effective cleaning and trimming with no hassle.


  • Our 2-Inch Diamond Beveling Chamfer Bit is for the size of the existing hole from 0-2 inches. Not a core bit for drilling holes but a countersink bit for enlarging, shaping, trimming, and cleaning holes.
  • After you drill a hole in a tile, marble, glass, granite, or ceramic and the hole is not big enough or smooth enough, you can use our bit to make it precise and perfect for your need.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can this be used on stone?

A: Yes, the bit works on stone.

Q: Can this be used with water? 

A: Yes, it can be used with water or not.