4-Way Foldable Cross Wrench

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Versatile Multifunctional Lug Wrench

“A true lifesaver! It easily pulled off stubborn lug nuts that the little wrench that came with the vehicle couldn't budge, and it folds up for simple, compact storage. Strong and effective!” - Michael O.

Why Buy Our 4-Way Foldable Cross Wrench?

DURABLE: It is made of drop forged carbon steel with a heat treated, plated surface for durability, strength, torque, corrosion, and rust resistance.

CONVENIENT: Its folding form enables convenient storage, is ideal for your vehicle's roadside emergency kit, and saves room. Meets and exceeds ANSI standards for improved safety.

VERSATILE: Versatile multi-lug wrench with multiple sizes to suit most lug nuts. Universal compatibility for cars, light trucks, SUVs, RVs, and vans. 

📝Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are the exact sizes of the wrench end?

A: The sizes of 4 ends are: 17mm,19mm, 21mm, 23mm in Metric, 11/16", 3/4", 13/16", 7/8" in SAE.

Q: Does it work with locking lug nuts?

A: Yes, it will work with locking lug nuts.