48-Inch Magnesium Bull Float

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Easily Make A Smooth Finishing Cement Surface!

"This is a very high-quality float. It is heavy enough to level but not so heavy it is a burden to work with. It really helps work the concrete surface and reduce windrow edges. Cuts finishing time to almost nothing.- Daniel Smith

Why Buy Our 48-Inch Magnesium Bull Float?

✅RELIABLE: Using a bull float during the concrete process can have a huge advantage in the overall concrete placing process and can help you and your concrete out in many ways. It helps flatten the surface, seal the surface of the concrete, and remove any screed lines remaining after the screeding process. It will also help remove more excess air from the concrete, ensuring a smooth & quality finish.

✅DURABLE: Sealing the top of the concrete by bull floating will help prevent water/rain/moisture from seeping back into the concrete and further aids the bleed process, plus the curing process. It has an 8” wide magnesium alloy blade and is 48” long, which gives the tool a lightweight feel with long wear.

✅VERSATILE: With its light, flexible, efficient, and fast characteristics, it is perfect for use in plaster, concrete resurfacing, custom tiling jobs, different DIY projects, etc.


  • The pole attachment is NOT INCLUDED.
  • Square End Blade - can fit most threaded handles.  

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is this aluminum or magnesium?

A: It is magnesium.


Q: Is the bottom smooth?

A: Yes