6 Bar Jet Wall Stucco and Cement Sprayer

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How Does This Pave Your Place? 🏠🎨👌

"Made my job so much faster and easier. I'm so glad I bought this. Great for DIY lovers!" - Marc Osmont

Messy and time consuming concrete application Vs. Stucco Sprayer

✅ Powerful: With a Working Pressure of 6 bar. It's equipped with 4 nozzles to match your work and an air compressor, for traditional plastering.

✅ High Quality: Pneumatically applied mixes offer a better water/cement ratio for a higher quality finished product.

✅ Flexible: The end thread on the handle is 1/2" Male, which makes it easy to fit standard air compressor hoses. Fast and easy application of stucco, mortar, and plaster.

📝 Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can this be used for small patchwork?
Yes! This is an ideal tool for covering small areas that need fixing or paving.

Q: How much material can this hold?
A: The bucket has a 6L capacity.  

⚠️ NOTE: This requires an Air Compressor to operate. Air Compressor NOT Included in the package.