9-In-1 Wall Outlet Extender With 4 USB Ports

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Compact Power Strip That Meets Your Needs!

“This extender solved a problem I had with not having enough outlets near my husband's chair. He has several things (a lamp, phone, weather monitor, etc.) on the end table next to it, and now I can plug in all of that and more! Awesome product!” - Alyssa Moore

Why Buy Our 9-In-1 Wall Outlet Extender With 4 USB Ports?

RELIABLE: This extender has 5 outlets with 4 USB ports that can easily charge 9 different devices simultaneously. It has high-speed USB ports that automatically detect charging devices and deliver optimal charging speed on each one. 

CONVENIENT: Its wall-mountable design with an integrated stabilizing post makes wall-mount outlets more secure and convenient. It fits any duplex outlet perfectly; just plug it in to use. Great for most applications, such as nightstands, home, office, travel, and more.

SAFE: Features an 1,800 joules surge protector which can absorb excess voltage to provide superior protection for desktop computers, mobile phones, and other electronic appliances from voltage fluctuations, surges, and spikes. It also has a fire-resistant casing, keeping you and your devices completely safe.


  • It is ETL certified for safety compliance.
  • It will automatically cut power to protect connected devices when a voltage surge is overwhelming.
  • The "SURGE PROTECTED" indicator light is ON to show your devices are protected, and the wiring is properly grounded.
  • For some outlet, the plastic prong at the back can be cut off before using.
  • 4 USB ports total 4.5A, and each USB A port features a 2.4A Max output. USB-C charging port features 3A max.
  • The UCB-C port doesn't support any other devices which need 14~22V charging voltage.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is this good for only a one-time power surge?

A: No, it's good for more than 1.

Q: I have a GFCI outlet I would like to plug into it. Would that be ok?

A: Yes, it will fit any standard 3-prong AC outlet, GFCI included. The GFCI will act the same way it originally did for the ground fault conditions that may occur normally. You will have additional protection with the surge protector that comes with its circuitry.

Q: Can I use this with 220V AC?

A: No, it’s a North American model that is designed for 100-125V.