9-inch Drill Press Locking Clamp

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Secure workpieces tightly when drilling!

“This is just what I was looking for! I was sick of metal and wood getting swung around on my drill press so I got this. This worked great! It’s sturdy and it tightly clamps onto metal, wood, or any material that I’m drilling. It definitely makes drilling much safer. I highly recommend this!” - Gavin J.


Why Buy Our 9-inch Drill Press Locking Clamp?

✅  SECURE LOCK: This locking clamp is used to tightly lock and secure workpieces/materials in place when drilling, preventing it from toppling over or swinging around. This is better to use than trying to hold the material by hand. 

✅   VERSATILE: The clamp features a 2-inch maximum jaw opening and a 3-inch throat depth to secure a variety of workpieces/materials. 


✅  EASY TO USE: This locking clamp fastens directly to the drill press slot for quick and easy operation.


✅   DURABLE: It’s made of alloy steel for strong and durable use.


📝  Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I also use this for my work table and not a drill press? 

A: Yes, it is also possible to install it on a table, as long as you drill a hole on the table for the clamp to be inserted into. 

Q: What’s the maximum thickness of the material I can lock with this? 

A: It is suitable for materials with thickness of 2 inches or below as the clamp has a 2-inch maximum jaw opening.