AC Valve Core Tool Set

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Make Valve Core Removal & Installation Easy! 

My car, 03 Acura MDX, needed the regular R134a adapters and the plunger with the narrow slot for both valves. This set has all the tools I need, and I was able to replace both Schrader valves in my car in about 10 minutes, successful extraction and insertion on the first try both times. It was really easy to use. The leaks have stopped, and the car is holding pressure now. I highly recommend this tool set!” - Jeffrey L.

Why Buy Our AC Valve Core Tool Set?

RELIABLE: This set comes with everything you need for a fast and effective valve core replacement job. It is designed to remove and install valve cores without discharging or reclaiming the refrigerant. Suitable for R134A, R1234YF, and R22 automotive air conditioning systems and is compatible with standard, JRA, and Schrader valves.

HIGH QUALITY: It is made of high-quality metal and comes in a storage case, making it durable, wear-resistant, and corrosion-resistant. It is also equipped with several pieces of rubber ring, which can be applied to replace the leaking refrigerant valve core, and is great for mechanics, cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, ATVs, and more.


  • Make sure to use a dab of vacuum grease on the end of the probe to ensure that the Schrader valve stays attached to it during core removal.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Would this fit on a 2011 Ford crown Victoria?

A: Yes 

Q: Will this work with both 5mm and 7mm valve cores?

A: Yes

Q: Will this valve remover work on a 2007 Toyota 4Runner?

A: Yes, it fits any R134A and R1234YF systems