Anode Rod for RV Water Heater

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The Best For Your RV!

"Perfect fit for our RV. It's easy to install and the anodes themselves look high quality as described. It's been weeks already and no bad smell whatsoever." -Jonah D.

Why Buy Our Anode Rod for RV Water Heater?

✅HIGH QUALITY: This replaces the anode rod in a water heater before it fails. It can slow down corrosion inside the tank as well as significantly extend the life of the water heater. This is compatible with Suburban water heaters.

✅SAFE: This is made from top-quality magnesium AZ63-alloy which is non-toxic and entirely safe for the human body. A magnesium water heater anode rod protects your tank better and lasts longer compared to aluminum/zinc rods. This uses a 1-1/16’’ socket.


  • Not compatible with Atwood Water Heater.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the core made of? 

A: There is a thin stainless steel core to weld the magnesium and nut bolt together. It's about a few millimeters.

Q: What suburban water heaters are this compatible with?

A: Compatible with all models Suburban (D, DE, DEL, DEM models).