Automotive Smoke Machine Leak Detector

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Get The Easy Way Of Detecting Any Leaks In Your Car!

I got this because I knew there was a likely vacuum leak in my car. I figured I'd try this first and see what I had to deal with instead of paying a shop the same amount for an hour of their time to tell me the same thing. It worked perfectly, and I sorted my issue by replacing a hose clamp that had failed. Now I have this new tool for the subsequent leaks of some sort and a fixed car.” - Robert A.

Why Buy Our Automotive Smoke Machine Leak Detector?

EASY TO USE: This tool can diagnose and detect any leaks in your car. It comes with an inline ON/OFF switch, a detachable plug, and a safety fuse for easy operation. Just fill it with a smoke fluid or a USP mineral oil, fasten the power cable, connect it to your air supply and start checking for any leaks.

VERSATILE: It is ideally used to consistently smoke test EVAP systems, Vacuum leaks, low-pressure Turbo leaks, Intake Manifolds, Cooling / EGR / Exhaust Systems, worn rubber, gaskets, seals, connectors, and more. The tapered smoke injection nozzle fits into virtually all hoses and lines.

SAFE: Features a built-in industry-standard 1-PSI regulator that protects systems from high-pressure damage. It is 100% safe to use on all types of vehicles and is made of solid thick metal construction for durability. It also has a thick smoke output that can detect even the smallest leaks.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will a small 12 Volt car tire air compressor suffice?

A: Yes, any type of air compressor or pump will work.

Q: What is the fuse rating?

A: The fuse rating is 10 AMPs.

Q: Does this come with the EVAP service kit?

A: This kit does not come with the EVAP Service Port Adapter.