Box Resizer Tool

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Makes Resizing Your Boxes Fast & Easy!

This tool helps to reduce the size of packages and still keep the boxes square. It helped me save my customers over $40,000 in shipping costs last year because we were able to get their box size to fit just right for their items instead of a larger size which would have cost them much more than postage. It is easy to use and durable. It is a keeper!” - Henry Miller

Why Buy Our Box Resizer Tool?

REDUCE: This tool makes cutting your boxes down to the desired depth quick and easy. It has a built-in sharp scoring wheel and comfortable handle support to score down the box and cut corners, creating the perfect size box you need. 

CONVENIENT: The markings on the tool can score up to 13 inches to make accurate, neat, and professional boxes in just a few seconds. It also saves money and weight by requiring less void fill and packaging material. 

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will this work on heavy-duty double-walled corrugated boxes?

A: Yes, it will. But you must go over the cut line twice.

Q: Does it cut the cardboard, or does it only help with measurement?

A: It doesn't cut the box; it just makes perforations using its scoring wheel to help you easily bend/fold or cut along with a box cutter at the desired depth.