Camping Grill Gas Stove Adapter

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Be Able To Use Short Nozzles & Snap Joints!

"I purchased this to convert Japanese butane to US-standard stoves, and it works just as intended. It also has a mechanism to prevent leakage when it is only attached on one end. - Michael Brock

Why Buy Our Camping Grill Gas Stove Adapter?

✅COOKS: Don’t worry about your burner being unable to connect to your snap joint or short nozzle butane canister with our Camping Grill Gas Stove Adapter! There are two variations that you can choose from you can either use the canister in a horizontal or vertical position which makes it convenient to use in outdoor settings!

✅QUALITY: Crafted from durable materials like Super Duralumin, Brass, Rubber, and Resin, this adapter ensures reliability and longevity. Its automatic shutdown function guarantees a leak-free connection, providing added safety during your outdoor adventures.

❗ Reminders ❗

  • Avoid using this adapter to the canister if rust appears around the valve.
  • Please make sure the bottom side of the adapter is in the opened state before attaching it to a gas canister.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What valve type is it?

A: it is an EN417 valve type.

Q: What canisters is this for?

A: This is for short nozzles & snap joints.