Cement Grouting Tool

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Seal Faster & More Efficiently!

"I have tried other mortar guns and this is by far the best. The scoop is very helpful. Solid and sealed construction. I love the removable tip, works great. - Jordan Chen

Why Buy Our Cement Grouting Tool?

✅SEALS: Rather than sealing tiles or bricks with your hands or scraping tools, you only need to point and shoot with our Cement Grouting Tool! Fits tight areas & crevices with the included two nozzles and applies sealant consistently, quickly & efficiently!

✅QUALITY: The horn shape design of the muzzle makes it easy to refill alongside the scooping tool included. Made of stainless steel, this device will last long and can withstand the normal stresses of daily grouting work.


  • Don’t let the cement dry off inside the tool.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How many nozzles does it have?

A: It includes two nozzles.

Q: Does it come with the scooper tool?

A: Yes, it does.