Compact Propane Forge

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Forge The Tool Of Your Dreams!

"I'm a beginner blacksmith. I bought this forge to make knives and to work on our farm equipment. So far I have been extremely happy with it. Literally the best purchase I've made this year. - Elias Aguilar

Why Buy Our Compact Propane Forge?

✅FORGE: The Compact Propane Forge is an amazing addition to your backyard or garage that allows you to be able to shape most metals the way you see fit! A perfect purchase for a farrier or professions that need a little blacksmithing.

✅COMPACT: It has a compact build that makes it able to fit in most people’s garages or backyards. It’s not a big commitment to purchase and is great for beginners who are just starting their smithing journey!

✅VAST: It has a maximum heat of 2400°F that allows it to work for most metals such as brass, aluminum, bronze, magnesium, tin, stainless steel & more!

✅DURABLE: It is made of high-quality durable stainless steel. The gas regulator that comes with it is CSA certified and operates on the maximum level of safety possible and comes with a manual and instructions to provide the user with everything they need to be safe.

❗ Reminder ❗

  • Does not come with a rigidizer nor is the kaowool rigidized. 
  • Always use the appropriate safety equipment when using this forge.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does it come with rigidizer?

A: No, it does not come with it.

Q: What are the inside dimensions?

A: Inside chamber is approximately: 5” Width x 4” Height