Crepe Maker Set

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Perfectly Create Your Favorite Desserts!

I purchased this as a gift for my parents. We love eating crepes, but cooking them on the stove was a huge pain. This crepe maker is so easy to use, and the crepes come out perfectly cooked, albeit a little funny looking. We need to work on our spreading technique, but the process is relatively easy. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves crepes.” - Kimberly Johnson

Why Buy Our Crepe Maker Set?

COOK: This crepe maker has a 12” diameter and a non-stick aluminum surface, making it easy to cook a perfect & delicious crepe every time. Just pour, spread, flip, and serve it! It also doubles as a pancake maker or a griddle to cook various tasty meals. 

VERSATILE: With its built-in indicator light, you will know if the crepe maker is at the perfect temperature to cook your desserts. Its indicator light will stay on when the device is warming up, and once the desired temperature is reached, the light will shut off, and you can begin cooking those delicious, evenly cooked french crepes, pancakes, dosa, and more.

COMPLETE: The set comes with everything you need to start creating your favorite desserts, including 100-crepe recipes! The included batter crepe spreader gives a thin, even, and uniform texture, while the wooden kitchen spatula makes lifting & flipping your crepes easy.


  • This device has a 3.6 FT 120V power cord and a cord holder for quick storage.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does this cook evenly?

A: Yes

Q: How many watts?

A: 1,000 Watts

Q: Is it PTFE or PFOA-free?

A: The crepe maker's main coating is polytetrafluoroethylene, and it is PFOA-free.