Diesel Injector Extractor Kit

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Remove Diesel Injectors Easily

“I have a stubborn fuel injector that I'm unable to remove with my current equipment. This was quite useful, and it is also extremely durable. I swiftly remove the fuel injectors.” - Benedict G.

Why Buy Our Diesel Injector Extractor Kit?

EFFICIENT: This kit is suitable for the removal of Bosch, Delphi, Denso, and Siemens diesel injectors quickly and safely. The hammer's ball joint allows it to be used in tight spaces.

CONVENIENT: It includes keys and deep open profile sockets for dismantling injectors. Plus, it comes with adaptors to attach the slide hammer to the injector. A molded PVC storage case is also included with the kit.

📝Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q: What is the main purpose of this kit?

A: It removes fuel injectors from the engine. The puller legs align around the injector base and the collar is slid down to firmly grip the injector. A slide hammer attaches to the puller, which is used to pull the injector from its seat.

Q: When should I replace my fuel injectors?

A: The fuel injectors will usually perform effectively for 50,000 to 100,000 miles. But you should replace your fuel injectors if you experience these:

  • Restrictions of only 8% to 10% in a single fuel injector 
  • Turbo Troubles
  • Heat Soak
  • Increase or Decrease in Long- and Short-Term Fuel Trims
  • Not Enough Resistance
  • Longer Crank Times
  • Failed Balance Tests 
  • Misfire Codes