Door Stop Alarm (3-Pieces)

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Get Security and Convenience

"This is the BEST gadget for your home or if you stay in hotels, etc. So easy to use. I ended up giving one of them to my friend. Gives you a peace of mind if you don't have extra hardware locks on the doors like those chain locks. The alarm is pretty loud and even made me jump when I tested it!" -Jenny Davis

Why Buy Our Door Stop Alarm?

✅ EASY TO USE: No installation required, it's a durable and upgraded door stopper. It can be used as a regular door stopper by turning off the alarm switch.

✅ PORTABLE SECURITY: It's portable and an easy way to have peace of mind while working at home or traveling. It requires one 9V battery.

✅ ADJUSTABLE SENSITIVITY: Has 3 sensitivity levels that are low, medium, and high. With a very loud shrill rating, 120 decibels, it would surely scare away someone trying to open your door.

The battery is not included!

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will this work on hotel doors?
A: It will work on any door. It's a must-have especially if you are traveling.

Q: Are the batteries included?
A: No, the battery is not included.