Double-Ended Pipe Wrench

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The Tool Every Handyman Needs!

"So much more convenient to use, I absolutely love it. The wrench is so adjustable and convenient that I only really need this one tool for my job. I highly recommend it. - Luca Martinez

Why Buy Our Double-Ended Pipe Wrench?

✅ADJUSTABLE: The Double-Ended Pipe Wrench is an amazing tool that fits an incredible amount of pipes that you will encounter in a home setting. The main pipe wrench head opens up to 3” and is easily adjusted to that angle, making it not necessary to carry different-sized tools with you.

✅REAR-END: The rear-end tool has 3 separate heads that are for a vast array of chucks from six-sided chucks 3.5cm - 4cm to a multifunctional round chuck. This makes it even more convenient and you don’t need to change tools trying to remove chucks.

✅QUALITY: This tool is built from strong high-end aluminum with an ergonomic grip design that makes it a dream to handle. The teeth of the wrench are anti-slip and won’t slip when being used. This tool is made with quality in mind, it will last for years to come!

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How many head accessories does this include?

A: It comes with 3 that attach to the rear end which is for six-sided and round chucks.

Q: What material is this made out of?

A: It is made of high-quality aluminum alloy.