Electric Fiber Cement Shears

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Dust-Free Cement Cutting!

"I hate dust! Now, this tool is a game changer! I just got this and had to try it out immediately. It practically produces 0 dust! - Kyle Luty

Why Buy Our Electric Fiber Cement Shears?

✅SHEARS: Avoid dust blowing in your face & environment with our Electric Fiber Cement Shears! Makes strips instead of dust and makes an incredibly clean & quick cutting experience when it comes to fiber cement. This makes it useful when used without masks or shearing indoors.

✅VERSATILE: Includes a 360-degree swivel head that makes it really easy to angle the head in however way the user likes when it comes from situation to situation with cutting fiber cement siding.  Also includes a 4mm hex key that you can use to adjust your tool easily or for other uses.

✅QUALITY: Has a reasonable 120 voltage or 4.8 amps with a comfortable ergonomic handle with a lock-on button. Also includes variable speeds up to 2700 rpm for the cutting for a smoother cutting method with a 1/25” throat depth and 5/16” double blade.



  • This is made for fiber cement siding.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will this cut fiberglass shower stall?

A: No, it is a different type of material from fiber cement.

Q: What is its voltage?

A: It is 120v.