Electric Spin Scrubber

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Make Cleaning & Scrubbing Dirt Effortless!

“If you hate cleaning tight corners, counter lips, or spaces you would normally need a toothbrush to clean, GET THIS SCRUBBER. It's so amazing and fun to use, I felt like I was sand blasting my kitchen countertops. It is really effective in cleaning what I need.” - Ryan S.

Why Buy Our Electric Spin Scrubber?

POWERFUL: This scrubber is cordless, lightweight, and can quickly clean dirt or grime off the surface without a hassle. It has a powerful 350 RPM that spins 360 degrees and can work continuously for 1 hour, completing any of your cleaning tasks.

EFFICIENTIt reduces your burden when cleaning, saving you time and energy. Its ergonomically designed handle makes cleaning much faster than the traditional scrubber and has a built-in rechargeable 2,200 mAh battery, making it convenient to be used anywhere.

VERSATILEThe scrubber comes with 3 brush heads (round brush, flat brush, and pointed corner brush) that can meet your different cleaning needs. It also has a highly sealed waterproof design, making it resistant to splashing water, and used under wet conditions.


  • Rounded Brush - Perfect as a concave cleaning brush for your bathtub or sink.
  • Flat Brush - It is used to clean flat surface areas, like patio furniture or tile floor.
  • Pointed Corner Brush - Great for cleaning the windowsill, corners, tight places, and even bicycle wheels.
  • It has a charging Indicator: Red light is charging; Blue light is fully charged. When using, the indicator is red.
  • Unsuitable for strong acid detergent.
  • Do not put the product under high temperatures or direct sunlight for a long time, otherwise, the brush will be easily oxidized and break.
  • The bristles are consumables, and the user is recommended to replace them within 3-6 months.
  • Please use the original power plug. Non-original power supply will damage the product and cause it to be unavailable.
  • It is only resistant to splashing water but is not allowed to be completely submerged in the water.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does this have a fast spin or a slow one?

A: Fast spin for 280R/min.

Q: Do you have to use your thumb to keep it moving?

A: No, just press the switch, and it will work.

Q: Could this scratch the surface of a new tub?

A: No, the brush heads are made from a high-quality soft elastomeric material and as the item is electric, thus you just need to hold the Electric Spin Scrubber lightly without pressing during cleaning.