Ergonomic Box Cutter

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Cut Your Boxes Safely!

"I had so many boxes from furniture and moving and I would rather eat foot than break those down. However, this cut down every single one for two hours straight without dulling or soreness. - Ray Morris

Why Buy Our Ergonomic Box Cutter?

✅SAFE: Avoid accidents and keep your hand with our Ergonomic Box Cutter! It has a rounded ceramic blade that won’t break the skin & keeps the workplace or house safe. It is child-proof and is designed primarily to cut corrugated packaging, foam, vinyl, boxes, cardboard & more!

✅QUALITY: The blade itself doesn’t rust since it is not made of metal and it lasts 11x longer than traditional utility knives. The blade is also double-sided and once the other side is dull & no longer cuts, you simply need to flip it around & you can start cutting again! The ergonomic design also lessens wrist strain which is perfect for those who work long hours of cutting.


  • Does not come with extra blades.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do you flip the blade?

A: The tip that covers the blade is removable and allows you to access the blade.

Q: Will this go through a metal detector?

A: No, there is metal in the handle.