Foam Blaster Nozzle Sprayer

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Keep Your Car Spotless!

"No more dip the brush in the bucket routine. This sprayer coats the whole truck in thick suds, and the quick disconnect handle allows for easy and quick rinse-offs. My wash time is cut in half now! - Daniel Parry

Why Buy Our Foam Blaster Nozzle Sprayer?

✅FOAM: Say goodbye to manual cleaning with our Foam Blaster Nozzle Sprayer! This professional-quality washing system harnesses revolutionary foam blasting technology for quick and effortless car washing. Includes an easy setup and exceptional results, the Carwash Cannon is the go-to solution for achieving a sparkling clean car without the hassle.

✅CONVENIENT: Simply attach it to your hose, select from 5 spray settings, and let the foam do the work. Includes 5 dial settings that let you control how much foam it sprays or even just use water to rinse out the foam! With this, you don’t need to purchase a pressure washer and simply connect it to your garden hose & is perfect to use for vehicles or even for general cleaning.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What soap do you need to use?

A: Soapy water, any brand will do!

Q: Does this have a rinse feature?

A: Yes, simply put the dial to 0.