Heat Resistant BBQ Grill Gloves

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Keep your hands safe when cooking!

Heat Resistant BBQ Grill Gloves

“I highly recommend these gloves! I used these at a big cookout where we were smoking meat for over 150 people. I was super impressed by their heat resistance and maneuverability. Much better than leather grilling gloves because they're waterproof, so the oil and juice from a pork shoulder or a brisket doesn't soak through and get you messy and/or burnt.” - Reynald M.

Heat Resistant BBQ Grill Gloves

How Can This Keep Your Hands Safe?


  • These gloves are coated with food-grade neoprene rubber making it resistant to water (even boiling water), fire, stain, grease, oil, melting, and even chemical liquid.
  • It has a heat resistance of up to 700℉. 
  • The inner layer of the gloves are made of single-layer Kevlar with a soft cotton lining to provide comfort and insulation from heat. 
  • It features insulated textured palm non-slip design so you can manage wet or greasy items!
  • The 14-inch sleeve of the gloves also gives protection to your arm.

✅  VERSATILE: These gloves can not only be used for grilling, they can be used for smoking, deep frying, cooking, baking, or even for household tasks! They can be used for any other kinds of activities where you need hand and forearm protection. 


✅   EASY TO CLEAN: These gloves are easy to wash: just wash with a little soap, rinse, then hang to dry!

Easy to clean

📝  Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I hold a hot iron skillet with these on?

A: Yes, since the neoprene coating is heavy duty. But only hold a hot iron skillet for 15 seconds. DO NOT hold a very hot item for a long time as this can ‘cause your hands to burn. 

Q: Will these provide protection against animal bites?

A: It may help because the Kevlar and neoprene rubber is quite tough and could withstand some bite, but it is NOT GUARANTEED that it can give full protection. 

Q: Does this have a loose fit?

A: Yes, the gloves fit slightly loose so your hands stay cool and comfortable while grilling, cooking, or doing other tasks. 


  • If you will use the gloves in boiling water, be sure to test it first in cold water in case the gloves are defective.

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