Heavy-Duty Extendable Lug Wrench

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Super Easy Lug Nut Removal!

"Makes light work of lug nuts as it gives you an incredible amount of leverage! My friend who's a mechanic got one for himself so I think that says a lot! - James Sanchez

Why Buy Our Heavy-Duty Extendable Lug Wrench?

✅REMOVES: No need to worry about getting a flat tire on the road with our Heavy Duty Extendable Lug Nut! It has a telescoping design that gives you an incredible amount of leverage that makes it super easy to remove stuck lug nuts! It gives you an extra 19" giving even old people the strength to change their own tires or mechanics who change tires all day!

✅STRONG: This has 2 socket pieces that make it incredibly versatile on the type of lug nut it can remove from 17mm (11/16”), 19mm (3/4”), 21mm (13/16”), and 22mm (7/8”) socket sizes. The telescoping design also makes it incredibly easy to store under your seat or in any toolbox. Made of chrome vanadium steel construction, this lug wrench will last a long time.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does it come with a bag?

A: Yes, it does

Q: Can it be used for pumping up jacks?

A: No, it’s designed to remove lug nuts, not operate a jack.