Heavy Duty Garden Shear Set

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Get Clean & Precise Cut In Your Garden Every Time!

“I spent the weekend in the yard pruning and gardening, and having this set meant I always had what I needed. They’re great quality and easy to use and store. I was able to get through some impressive-sized limbs with even the middle-sized shears. I was also able to use those to edge the cement sidewalk. I love that I have a matching set too.” - Risa Smith

Why Buy Our Heavy Duty Garden Shear Set?

COMBOThis set includes a 28” lopper, 23” hedge shears, and an 8” pruner to easily and accurately cut unwanted leaves, vines, tree branches, twigs, bushes, and weeds in your garden or lawn. With its razor-sharp blades & ergonomic handles, you can experience fast cutting for smooth and efficient gardening. 

VERSATILEIt can easily tackle a wide range of cutting tasks without a hassle! It is designed to cleanly and precisely cut everything from tiny stems to brute limbs of various sizes, all with matching tools that provide the perfect cut every time. Great for any garden pruning & trimming jobs.

TOP QUALITYThe shears are made with high-carbon precision-ground steel blades that can effortlessly handle your toughest trimming and pruning work. The lopper can cut up to 2" diameters with a quick chop, while the pruner has a maximum cutting capacity of up to 3/4" diameters.


  • Keep the blades dry after use and wipe the blade with oil to prevent rust if not used for a long time.
  • It has a shock-absorbing spring and bumper that softens jarring vibrations of abrupt stops and reduces wrist and shoulder pain.
  • Lopper - used for cutting thicker branches that are too large for regular pruning shears.
  • Hedge Shears - used for a variety of cutting tasks, from trimming delicate leaves to shaping branches and bushes.
  • Pruner Shears - used for deadheading, shaping and pruning small plants, and harvesting herbs and flowers.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do these do against heavy and thick brush?

A: It works great and can cut with ease.

Q: Is the lopper ratcheting?

A: No, it is not.

Q: How thick of a branch can the lopper cut?

A: It can cut up to 2” diameters.