Heavy Duty Steel Chain Hoist

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Create Your Very Own Reliable Chain System!

Well built, chain operation is very smooth, and no excess oil as on cheaper makes. On the first use, it lifted a 700-lb. crate from a truck bed and set it down gently with ease. It appears to be constructed of quality materials and is very easy to operate. Perfectly happy with this purchase.” - Myles E.

Why Buy Our Heavy Duty Steel Chain Hoist?

HEAVY DUTY: This hoist has an aluminum alloy hand wheel for lifting or dragging at a max lift of 10 FT, a headroom of 12 inches, and a load chain diameter of 6mm with a max weight capacity of 1 ton (2,000 LB) for precise and easy operation.

EFFICIENT: It has a built-in ratcheting system that enables the chain to raise and lower with no hassle and a mechanical load brake to help ensure reliability and safety. It is also equipped with (2) heavy-duty steel hooks and a safety latch clasp that rotate 360 degrees without twisting and bending.  

VERSATILE: The 1/4" diameter chains are constructed from premium 20Mn2 alloy steel with a black oxide finish for added resistance from corrosion and grime. It uses load-sharing gears, making lifting heavy loads easy. Perfect for picking up or dragging heavy items in construction sites, workshops, warehouses, and more.


  • Meets ASME Overhead Hoists (underhung) regulations & OSHA approved under B30.16 & ASME HST-2 standards & cull quality tested. 
  • Do NOT use our hoist for non-recommended applications.
  • Rotating components are mounted on roller ball bearings to reduce friction and increase efficiency.
  • Capable of lifting: engines, construction materials, tree logs, and more.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will the lower hook fit a 1-inch shaft?

A: Yes, certainly.

Q: Is it reversible?

A: Yes, it is extremely easy. Just pull the chain in the opposite direction.