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Simplify Your Ring-Gear Assembly!

"I've been using it on a dana axle model 80 and it works perfectly for me. It is very well built. It is heavy but I assembled it on the axle which makes it easier.” - Jordan Murphy

Why Buy Our Housing Spreader?

✅EFFICIENT: This Housing Spreader will make the removal or installation of ring-gear assemblies easy and more time efficient. It works with Dana axle models 30 through 80.

✅RESILIENT: This is an all-steel construction made with safety and durability in mind. The housing spreader is a heavy 39 lbs so make sure to use it with caution as you can get injured if the product falls on you. It is rustproof and corrosion-resistant so you can use it freely and not have to worry about its durability. The nuts that come with it are incredibly durable and will hold the device together and ensures the axle spreader does not loosen with time.

✅ EASY TO USE: After assembling the tool, simply put the dowels on the housing and put pressure on it. Then by turning the mechanical screw bolt, you can spread the housing ever so slightly for easier removal or installation!

With this tool, you can avoid damaging the components that come which can happen using homemade devices or tools.

❗ Reminder ❗

  • This product does not fit Corvette housings
  • Differential housing spreader fits Dana Axles series 30, 44, 60, 70 & 80

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can it work on a Ford?

A: Yes, this product will work on a Ford vehicle.

Q: Does it bolt to the carrier housing?

A: No, it does not bolt to the housing. It is held in place by pressure on the dowel pins