Jack Stand Adaptor Pads

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Keep Your Pinch Weld Undamaged!

"If you work on your own car and you're somehow aware and reading this, trust me, YOU WANT & NEED THESE!! Perfectly matches the pinch weld of my car! - John Brand

Why Buy Our Jack Stand Adaptor Pads?

✅SAFE: Safely jack your car and do no damage to the frame rails or more specifically the pinch weld with our Jack Stand Adaptor Pads! It has universal compatibility when it comes to the types of cars it can fit alongside with most jack stands. It prevents bends or scratches from occurring with your frame rails or pinch welders and you can avoid the time-consuming process of having to re-straighten it or have to purchase the expensive service of a mechanic!

✅BUILD: It is made of durable rubber materials that are soft enough to not bend or scratch your pinch welds while also being tough enough to withstand up to 3 tons of impact from your jack stand and car! It comes in 4 or 6 pieces depending on what you need so you have one for each of your jack stands and comes in two styles of square and round!

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is its weight capacity?

A: Its weight capacity is 3 tons

Q: Does it fit my jack stand?

A: The round type is 75mm in Diameter, 35mm in Height, Slot Dimensions: 10mm Wide and 15mm deep. And for the square type pads -  Length-63mm, Height-50mm, Width-44mm, Groove depth-17mm.