Large Heavy-Duty Carport

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Park Your Car Without A Garage!

"My girlfriend and I set it up in 1.5 hours...first time!!! My family loves it. It has been rainy and windy, but no leaks, and solid as a rock. Kept my car protected. - Jared Goff

Why Buy Our Large Heavy-Duty Carport?

✅GARAGE: No need to worry if your garage is under construction or not satisfied with car covers with our Large Heavy Duty Carport! It has a sizable build that has two variants of 10' x 20' and 12' x 20'. It can accommodate even trucks with its size. It has in-built rollable windows for better ventilation when you’re working on your cars & it can even be used for camping, events & more!

✅BUILD: It is made of incredibly durable material that can withstand all of the weather conditions and even seasons that you can throw at it. It stays rooted even when there is strong wind and it’s easy to set up with its easy-to-understand instructions. This gives you full coverage rather than those partial coverage carports so you can have peace of mind when your car is parked!

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What degree of pitch is on the roof?

A: It's a 2/1 pitch. The roof rises approx 64 Inches from the corner. The peak is approximately 32 inches above 5he top of the side wall door.

Q: Can it be enclosed on all 4 sides?

A: Yes, it can.