Low Voltage Precise Circuit Tester

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Check Currents With One Hand!

"Very convenient to use, it's really accurate too. Really good when you only need to know if a wire has power, rather than using a bulky multimeter. - Eric Kaur

Why Buy Our Low Voltage Precise Circuit Tester?

✅MEASURES: You don’t have to fiddle with multimeters or other expensive equipment with our Low Voltage Precise Circuit Tester! It can measure from 3-48V with an accuracy of ±0.2V which rivals the best circuit testers out there. You simply need to ground it with the alligator clip and test which component has a current or not with the tip of the device, while only needing one hand to operate it!

✅QUALITY: The reading shows up on a well-designed backlit LED screen that is easily readable even in the dark. It has a premium acetate body with a sharp stainless steel probe tip that pierces wires easily & effortlessly. It also has an insulation protective rubber tip against electric shock. Also comes with a 140” wire that is flexible enough to use in cramped spaces.


  • Do attach the probe to the positive pole and the alligator clip to the negative pole. If positive and negative electrodes are linked oppositely, the tester won’t react. 
  • This is for DC 3-48V circuits voltage testing

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does this probe have a tone?

A: No, it only has an LED display.

Q: Is the alligator clip for ground connection?

A: Yes, it is.