Micro Soldering Torch

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A Powerful & Compact Torch That Meets Your Needs!

“This torch is well-made and very convenient! I’ve used it for a lot of things, such as lighting wood, fire pits, cooking, or work projects like unthawing metal or door locks. I like everything about it and is compact for easy transport. I highly recommend it!” - Alice Williams

Why Buy Our Micro Soldering Torch?

POWERFUL: This torch is small in size but big in application. It can easily meet your various needs for your projects. It features an electronic ignition allowing for easy startup, and flame adjustment from 1/2″ to 2 1/2″. It has a maximum temperature of up to 2,500°F, perfect for automotive or home use.

VERSATILE: It can be refillable with butane and has a run time of about 2 hours between refills. Great for soldering, brazing, loosening fasteners, plastic forming/molding, jewelry repair, BBQ lighting, cutting, and many other applications.


  • Maximum heat for a torch set up 1250°C to 2400°F
  • Maximum heat for soldering set up 500°C to 950°F
  • This torch can only be used with a butane
  • Make sure the gas flow is completely in the off position after use.
  • Do not use it continuously for longer than one hour.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is the body (tank) metal or plastic?

A: It is metal.

Q: Can you use the ultra-refined butane fluid in this unit?

A: Yes

Q: Does it give a small enough flame for jewelry making?

A: Yes, its flame is adjustable.