Nail Puller Pliers

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Craftsmanship At Your Fingertips!

"An excellent nail grabbypull! I have owned these for several years and pulled multiple nails with them. Really nice pliers, work well, are well made, and exceeded my expectations. 14/10 would hecking recommend. - Idris D'Angelo

Why Buy Our Nail Puller Pliers?

✅PULLS: The Nail Puller Pliers allow you to remove nails or panel pins normally your hammer claw can’t. This gives you a lot more versatility and room for error on your projects and job. The jaw has a clearance of 24mm giving you a lot of ways to orient yourself to the best position to remove the fastener.

✅PROTECTS: The design makes it so that it doesn’t damage the trim pieces the fasteners are on. It is perfect for removing an old carpet or installing wood floors.

✅CUTS: Not only does it remove fasteners but it can also cut steel wires which adds that much more versatility to the tool. It can cut steel wire up to a thickness of 1.2mm, this makes it so that you’re not found switching between tools constantly.

✅RELIABLE: Made of premium high-carbon, drop-forged, polished steel for durability and an electronic coating to help prevent rusting. It also has comfortable grips that give you a lot of control and leverage.


  • This is not designed to cut nails, only steel wires up to 1.2mm

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is it made of?

A: It is made of carbon steel.

Q: How wide are the jaws?

A: It has a jaw clearance of 24mm.