Oil Pan Separator

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Damage-Free Gasket Seal Separation!

"Tool works great once you get it started. I tried the putty knife trick but it just didn't work and even damaged it. The separator worked so well without damaging it. Really efficient. - Donovan Ortiz

Why Buy Our Oil Pan Separator?

✅MAINTENANCE: The Oil Pan Separator is a convenient tool that makes it incredibly easy to remove oil pans, gasket seals, and transmission pans. It is usable with a hammer that makes it quick and easy to remove the seals.

✅INTACT: It doesn’t damage the oil pan or engine block that the tool comes into contact with. It has a thin blade that simply goes in between and releases the seal and keeps it undamaged and makes your oil pan reusable.

✅DURABLE: Made of high-quality steel that is made to withstand a professional level of workload. It will last for years to come and provide you with easy removal and maintenance for a long time.

❗ Reminder ❗

  • You can use a rubber mallet to make the gasket seal removal easier.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does it come with a handle?

A: Yes it comes with a handle.

Q: Is the blade removable?

A: Yes it is, it only comes with one blade.