Pie Iron Bread Maker

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Make Delicious Sandwiches Outdoors!

"I love that it's able to separate and I can use it as a normal pan. Made an amazing tuna cheese sandwich out of this. Highly recommend for those who like to cook outdoors. - Micah Kim

Why Buy Our Pie Iron Bread Maker?

✅COOKS: Make amazing sandwiches outdoors with our Pie Iron Bread Maker! You only need to simply press the sandwich in between the pie iron and cook it for about 15 minutes depending on how close it is to the fire!

✅VERSATILE: You can also separate the pie irons into two professional quality cast irons that you can cook pretty much anything with! From hotdogs, eggs, and anything in between, you’re no longer limited by your equipment.

✅QUALITY: Made of thick cast iron that is pre-seasoned for your convenience. This makes it naturally non-sticky and will only get stronger over time as the user seasons it throughout its lifespan.

❗ Reminder ❗

  • The Pie Iron Bread Maker is pre-seasoned.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does it separate?

A: Yes, it can be separated and be used as normal cast iron pans.

Q: Is it pre-seasoned?

A: Yes, it is pre-seasoned.