Plastic Welding Repair Kit

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Everything You Need To Weld Plastic!

"After letting it work up, I managed to melt the bin plastic through the mesh making a nice bond between the two sides. Another item fixed! - Thomas Salcedo

Why Buy Our Plastic Welding Repair Kit?

✅WELDS: You can repair car bumpers, dashboards, kayaks, or just plain hangers with our Plastic Welding Repair Kit! It can heat up and adjust its temperature from 392-842°F which is more than enough to melt and bond the most stubborn plastics! This opens an entire avenue of being able to repair products you otherwise would need to pay a professional for.

✅KIT: It has everything you need it includes two welding tips of the small and large variety that make it possible to weld a large variety of items. It also includes wire mesh, sandpaper, a brush, a screwdriver, pp sticks black & white, and the welder itself. You won’t find yourself wanting more with this kit!

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can it weld car bumpers?

A: Yes, it can.

Q: Will it work for polyethylene or PVC?

A: It only works for plastics.