Pomodoro Flip Timer

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Get More Productive!

"This is a great tool for time boxing yourself to get stuff done within the allotted time. It forces you to be productive and get stuff done quickly while focusing on the task. It has helped me out tremendously.- Kato Wong

Why Buy Our Pomodoro Flip Timer?

✅TIMER: Get more work done in a shorter timespan with our Pomodoro Flip Timer by only flipping our octagonal device on 8 preset countdown timers and simply start working until the timer reminds you to stop. Also works perfectly as a cooking timer, and it can also count up.

✅ADJUSTABLE: You can adjust the volume as needed while also being able to make your own custom timers with the device. Making it incredibly versatile for whatever situation you need it for and also includes a pause function.

✅LIFESPAN: Includes a type-c USB charging cable that makes it substantially faster to charge and lasts for hours with its charge. Made of high-quality electroplating grade ABS.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is it loud?

A: Yes, it has 5 different levels of volume from quiet to loud.

Q: Can I pause the timer?

A: Yes, you can press the power button to pause your countdown