Portable Camping Sink

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Maintain An Excellent Hygiene On Your Outdoor Adventures!

I bought this for camping and cookouts at the lake and everyone loves it. It's easy to disassemble and pack away. It's nice having a station for people to wash their hands, face and brush their teeth when camping. I 10/10 recommend it!” - Erica T.

Why Buy Our Portable Camping Sink?

CONVENIENT: The camping sink makes water easily accessible outdoors to wash your hands or food and even drink from it. Features a hands-free operation by stepping on the foot pump to provide a stream of water. 

COMPLETE: It includes an integrated liquid soap dispenser, a stainless steel towel holder, and a flexible drainage hose, ensuring you're able to maintain a healthy level of hygiene no matter where you are.  

PORTABLE: It has a lightweight and handy design, allowing you to bring it anywhere you need. With its built-in handle and rolling wheels, you can transport it even when filled with water without a hassle. It can also be disassembled for easy transport.

SAFE: This sink is made from HDPE plastic, making it suitable for various food and other products. It is perfectly non-toxic and safe for the whole family to use. Its water tank can provide 19 liters of water (5 gallons) readily available for use, which will surely accommodate plenty of campers or travelers in each refill.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How long is the drain hose?

A: It's 2.7 FT.

Q: Can the drain on the sink be plugged in so the basin holds water?

A: Yes

Q: Does this sink have hot and cold water?

A: No, water is contained in the tank and will be hot or cold based on the water in it. It doesn’t heat it up.