Portable Drill Winch

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Make Your Pulling Jobs Easier!

“I am an older guy who hunts by himself. I found this winch extremely helpful to help get a deer in the back of the pickup by myself without any effort. I plan on using it for other projects. Also, I have advised older friends to purchase one to help lift when no one else is around. This tool will definitely save your back!” - Cedric R.

Why Buy Our Portable Drill Winch?

VERSATILE: With 33% more rope and 50% more pulling power, this rugged and easy-to-use drill winch is ideal for dragging logs, pulling games, standing walls, stretching fences, loading trailers, and countless other hard-to-handle pulling jobs. It is powered by any standard portable drill, allowing for more precise control of loads.

CONVENIENT: This winch has a load limiter that will give audible user feedback when reaching the capacity of the tool for safe operation. It also features a free-spool clutch that makes rigging fast and will not disengage the drive when under a load of 15lbs or greater.

HEAVY DUTY: It is lightweight and portable with a 750 lbs single-line pulling capacity and includes a 40' (12. 2 m) of 5/32" (4mm) heavy-duty rope, integrated hawse fairlead, and rigging hooks (front and rear). It is a tool of choice when you need some extra pulling power.


  • The portable drill is NOT included in the package. 
  • This is only designed for horizontal use; we don't recommend it for hoisting. 

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: When purchased, is the cable already installed, or do we have to do it ourselves?

A: The rope is already installed inside the winch. No assembly is required.

Q: Will this winch lower as well as raise in a controlled manner?

A: The winch raises and lowers at the rate of the power of your drill. If you can control the drill speed, then yes, it can. But this winch is only designed for horizontal use; we don't recommend it for hoisting.