Portable Rocket Stove

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Cook More With Less!

"Needed a solution for my storage problem & this solves it! It really does work with twigs and still burns very hot. Great for camping. - Alex Lekach

Why Buy Our Portable Rocket Stove?

✅FUEL: Avoid having to clutter up your bag with fuel with our Portable Rocket Stove! You only need sticks & twigs to start a fire and start cooking! While doing this, it produces less smoke and retains the heat really well. The best stove for outdoor enthusiasts & emergency preparedness. Includes two variants one that can handle charcoal/firewood while the other one can only use firewood.

✅QUALITY: Made of high-quality ceramic with stainless steel refractory lined metal. The handles include silicone grips to keep it cool even while the stove is in use. The stove top as well accommodates most cookware while the design is incredibly portable & lightweight.


  • Be careful handling this product when it is in use.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can you cook a steak with it?

A: Yes, you can cook a steak with it.

Q: How heavy is it?

A: It only weighs 14.25 lbs.