Powerful Rotary Brush Attachment

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Easily Scrub Away Dirt & Grime!

“This brush arrived in good condition, and the setup was quick and easy. It worked very well on my porch and my truck. It works like a charm and scrubs with the soap on. Perfect for stubborn stain removal, especially bugs on the front of my truck.” - Eric Walker

Why Buy Our Powerful Rotary Brush Attachment?

EFFICIENT: This brush is made of high-quality bristles that spins and scrubs away any stubborn dirt, debris, gunk, and grime easily! It has high-quality bristles that provide safe and effective cleaning on delicate surfaces. You can pressure wash for maximum results with minimum effort.

WIDE USAGE: It comes with a transfer adapter for use with most pressure washers, simply plug it in and go. It can also handle up to 2,000 PSI, making it a powerful and easy operation. Perfect for scrubbing cars, windows, siding, RVs, deep-cleaning patios, and more. 

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does this brush dispense soap?

A: Yes

Q: Is this safe enough to wash cars with?

A: Yes

Q: Can this be used indoors to clean tile floors?

A: We recommend this product for outdoor use only.