PV Combiner Box

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Easily Protects Your PV Systems!

Great PV box! Super high quality, heavy gauge metal enclosure, great water seal. The latch is solid, the connectors are great, and the wiring is excellent and tied up nicely. The inclusion of surge protection is a bonus. I would definitely recommend it.” - Brian S.

Why Buy Our PV Combiner Box?

RELIABLE: The combiner box is a device designed to reduce the connection line between PV modules and inverters, facilitate maintenance and improve reliability. It is also an ideal protection for PV systems against lightning strikes and over voltages. Suitable for your photovoltaic on/off-grid solar power generation systems.

EFFICIENT: It has multiple functions such as surge protection, overload, anti-reverse, lightning protection, anti-circuit protection, and more, giving you the safety your PV system needs. All wires are pre-wired in the box and used professional wires that are especially for solar systems, which are more sturdy than usual wires.

DURABLE: It is made of metal with waterproof IP65 for durable, weather-resistant, wear-resistant, and long-lasting use. Also, it has a built-in 4 to 6pcs individual 15A rated fuse, a max current of single PV input array of 10A, a lock, and a 50 to 63A circuit breaker, meeting various requirements for your solar panel.


  • Please ensure the current and voltage of a single PV array don’t exceed 10A/250VDC.
  • Its surge protective device provides lightning protection. The “Green” indicates it's normal, and once it changes into “Red”, remember to replace the SPD with a new one for continuous protection.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will this handle (6) 310-watt panels in two strings? 24 volt

A: Check your solar panel amps. Ensure each string amp does not exceed 10 amps.

Q: Are the wires made of solid copper or copper clad?

A: The wires are made of solid copper, suitable for solar panels system.

Q: Can the 50amp air circuit breaker be changed to a 30amp?

A: Yes, you can. However, please pay attention. It also depends on how many solar panel strings you are going to install if the total amps exceed 30amps. It is not allowed. Usually, there is no need to change the breaker.