RV Roof Vent Cover

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Keep Rain Out And Fresh Air In!

This cover was a game-changer for us! Being able to leave our vents open worry free from any weather, insects, and debris is a huge difference, especially when traveling or camping. Simply place the cover over your vent and drill it into the frame. No holes in your roof, and use your existing screens and vents. Just open or close the vent to get constant airflow. I highly recommend it.” - Lance R.

Why Buy Our RV Roof Vent Cover?

RELIABLE: This vent cover is designed to allow fresh air ventilation and light into your RV, rain or shine. It keeps a constant airflow that prevents heat build-up and lets musty air or smoke out of your RV. It also comes with all the hardware needed for easy installation with a zero-leak mounting system on any standard 14 x 14 inches roof vent.

QUALITY DESIGN: It has a sleek aerodynamic design with angled louvers that offers high-flow ventilation, allowing you to keep it open when it’s raining or during traveling. 

DURABLE: The cover is made of high-density polyethylene with maximum UV protection for durability. It also has easy-to-open hinged brackets that provide full access for cleaning and inspection of the roof vent seal.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will this fit Fantastic Vent?

A: Yes, it will fit. 

Q: Does this come with all the installation hardware?

A: Yes

Q: Does this come with a screen?

A: No