RV Step Stabilizer Kit

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Take The Bounce Out Of Your Step!

"This step stabilizer was pretty easy to mount and was a better option than putting blocks under the steps to keep the trailer from rocking when entering or leaving. It took all the flex out of the steps and folded up nicely under the stairs. You are still able to fold up the stairs with this attached, so that was great!- Ray C.

Why Buy Our RV Step Stabilizer Kit?

STABILITY: This step stabilizer provides the ground support you need to eliminate any unwanted bounce and instability when going in and out of your RV. It also has a load capacity of up to 300lbs and prevents your bottom entry step from wearing and sagging.

✅ EASY TO INSTALL: The installation only takes 15 to 20 mins to set up, and it stays attached to your step for easy storage. No dismantling and reassembling are required.


✅ VERSATILE: The kit comes with complete mounting and installation hardware needed and a quick-release spring-loaded pull pin to adjust the leg height. It is compatible with heights ranging from 5” to 14” and has adjustable legs that have four adjustment angles to adapt to uneven terrains. Suitable for most RV entry step assemblies. 


  • The step stabilizer is NOT compatible with any quad steps. If the step stabilizer is installed on a quad step, the step will not have adequate clearance to be stowed.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Since this bolt to the bottom step, is the middle step still bouncy, or does it help the other steps?

A: Once installed and properly adjusted to the ground, the other steps become secure with little movement.

Q: How does this attach to the step? Is it permanent?

A: The step stabilizer is bolted onto the step. It comes with all the necessary hardware and becomes permanent once installed.