RV Water Heater Element

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No More Corroded & Mineral Buildup Water Heater Element!

“This is a replacement part for a burned-out element on an RV water heater. It fitted correctly into the space and heated the water as expected. Glad I bought it!” - Tyler A.

Why Buy Our RV Water Heater Element?

RELIABLE: This water heater element is made from high-quality material and can withstand greater temperatures than typical water heater elements. It's built to stand up to corrosion and is resistant to mineral build-up, minimizing breakdowns for long-lasting use. It is a great option for RV, camper, and travel trailers prone to hard water issues.

EASY TO INSTALL: The structure of this element is a screw-in type, taking just minutes to perform routine maintenance and installing it once the old one is removed. It also requires less time running, saving you money & energy. 

COMPATIBILITY: It is compatible with most RVs, campers, travel trailers, and electronic water heaters, making it the perfect OEM replacement for your corroded & mineral buildup water heater element.


  • Compatible Electronic Water Heater ModelsGCH6-4E, GCH6-6E, GCH6-7E, GC6A-7E, G6A-6E, G6A-7E. G6A-8E, GCH6A-7E, GCH6A-8E, GCG6A-9E, GC6AA-7E, GC6AA-8E, GC6AA-9E, GCH10A-2E, GCH10A-3E, GC10A-2E, GC10A-3E, G6A-3E, GH6-3E, GH6-4E, G6A-4E, GCH6A-10E, GC6AA-10E, GC10A-4E, GCH10A-4E, GC6AA-10E, XT Series.
  • Compatible Pilot Water Heater Models: GC6AA-7, GC6AA-7P, GC6AA-8, GC6AA-8P, GC10A-2, GC10A-2P.
  • Installation Methods:
    • Disconnect the water heater element from all power and water sources.
    • Open the hot water faucet in the kitchen and bathroom heated by the water heater heating element, release the pressure in the water tank, and wait for all the water in the tank to drain.
    • Remove the burner assembly tube in the RV water heater heating element.
    • Remove the screws from the 92249-heater element cover and remove.
    • Unscrew the wire from the water heater heating element with a Phillips screwdriver.
    • Use water heater heating element.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does this come with a gasket?

A: Yes

Q: Will this work on the Atwood model ge-9?

A: Yes, it is.