Service Entrance Cap

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Perfect Solution To Your Overhead Cables!

“We installed 320 class service at our house, needed this for the 3" conduit for overhead service. Worked great and handled the 6 massive wires (we ran parallel wires) easily. After 1 year, I am very pleased with it, and it still looks nice, even dealing with harsh Kansas weather.” - Jason E.

Why Buy Our Service Entrance Cap?

RELIABLE: This service cap is used as a weatherproof service drop entrance point where an overhead power cable enters a building or home. It is attached to the end of a conduit (a protective metal pipe), allowing the wires to enter without letting in water.  

STURDY: It is made from high-quality copper-free die-cast aluminum for durable, corrosion-resistant, and long-lasting use. Its bar-type clamp-on design and large insulator yoke allow the cables from meters to be hung outside of service heads without the fear of abrasion while waiting for the utility power connections.

EASY TO INSTALL: The service is assembled with an electrical grade phenolic insulator with multiple holes. You can easily mount this on top of an EMT, rigid, or intermediate metal conduit without any complex tools, and serves as a connecting point for wiring.

SAFE: Each of the entrance caps is cULus approved for safety regulations and standards. Also, they can withstand any weather conditions. 


  • Trade Sizes Available:
    • OL-43336 - ½”
    • OL-43374 - 1-½”
    • OL-43367 - 1-¼”
    • OL-43381 - 2”
    • OL-43398 - 2-½”
    • OL-43404 - 3”

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is this for 100 amp or 200 amp?

A: It will work for either.

Q: Is the cap listed?

A: Yes, it is cULus listed.